To the rescue

Prints are ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance. Printed on a Canon pro2000 printer using Canon Lucia Pro inks.

Canvas prints:  Printed on Hahnemuhle Daugerre Canvas 400gsm. Prints come varnished, with 5cm wide image reflection outside the photo for the stretching. (Size is the total size of the canvas) 

Fine Art Prints: Printed on Hahnemuhle Bartya Fine Art Paper 325gsm. Prints come clear coated with Chroma Optimiser, and have 3cm or 5cm of white border around the image  (Size is the total size of the paper)

In stock: 20

I remember clearly the day when Dan landed RZ at the Maitland strip. We went there to check on them, also to show off. Well... needless to say we landed there as well. I remember my client being very grumpy with me (as he was to pay for the retrieve). I remember telling him that life is all about adventures like this, and that he should really just enjoy it! He apologised the next day, admitting that the experience was worth every penny, and I gave him a free print of this shot afterwards. I hope it hangs on his wall ever since.

Mike on the other hand, was not grumpy at all, and he was happy to come and rescue us with the trusty FATMAN, and he also brought us chocolate. The tow out was amazing, I had my eyes on the huge lupin patch by the lake, but was never low enough to capture it, but was too busy scratching away. This was my chance, so I gave the controls to my student, opened the window, stuck my hand out with my camera, and made this shot. 




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